In North America where basements are common, an inspector may come across what is known as an adjustable steel column, also known as screw jacks, or beam jacks. These are used to support a structure and mostly found in a basement, although not always. The purpose of these types of columns is to be able to adjust the height using threads to move the post and make it longer or shorter.
If you have a these types of columns in your basement, you most likely haven’t given them a second look. How can you tell if the adjustable columns in your basement are in good condition and pass all of the necessary specifications? Well here are some things to keep in mind;
– First, they should be at least 3 inches in diameter.
– Make sure there are no signs of rust, and it has the proper anti-rust coating.
– The posts should be straight.
– The bottom of the post should be connected mechanically to the floor, as well as the beam.
– Cracks in the upstairs walls could result from not enough posts or from them not giving the proper support.
Yes, an adjustable steel column maybe something you haven’t heard of before, but if they are found somewhere in your home, they are definitely worth a second look.