​Sinkholes are known to cause a great deal of damage and destruction. This may lead a homeowner to worry about the possibility of one forming on their property. So, here are some of the warning signs you might observe if there is a sinkhole in your area.
Signs of a sinkhole can range from very noticeable to a little more subtle. For example, some of the more noticeable signs are rapid ground subsidence, cracks in the ground that form a circular pattern, and sudden ground fissures. Some of the less obvious signs are an accumulation of water in places where this does not normally happen, sudden dying off of plant life in some places, which can be a result of a sinkhole draining the plant’s water source. Trees or fence posts may start leaning over or exposing areas that are normally in the ground.
What about warning indicators inside your home, what may you observe? Again, these will range in severity. You may see cracks appearing on the walls and floors of the home, this is not something you should ignore as it may be a major warning sign of a sinkhole. If your home uses well water, it might become muddy or cloudy in appearance. Windows and doors may have begun shifting slightly and so no longer close properly.
If you have observed some of these signs in or around your home, what should you do? Do not panic as they could also be indicators of a different issue. However, it is a good idea to have the problems checked to rule out a sinkhole and diagnose what the problem is. An inspection of your home and property can help you to find out any issues your property has and help to keep your household safe.