Carpet in a home can feel comfortable and cozy, and can look very appealing, but is it a good idea to have it everywhere? What about the bathroom for example?

A carpeted bathroom can seem appealing as it is a lot warmer under foot, it is also a lot more slip resistant than a tiled floor, and it can look very nice, but here are also a few things to keep in mind when deciding if it is right for your bathroom.

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!

​Everything in the bathroom is geared towards using water, and as careful as we try to be, water splashes from the sink, the bath, and even the shower, this all lands on the bathroom floor which is not a problem with tile, and while it may not seem to be a big deal with carpet, it can lead to mold spoors and decay of the wood floor underneath.

Another issue is that while its easy to clean around the toilet with a tiled floor, its not so easy with carpet, and this can lead to bacteria accumulating in the carpet.

If you have a carpeted bathroom, a certified home inspector can use a moisture meter to gauge how much moisture is in the carpet.

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