​If you are looking to have your home inspected for termites, how can you find the right company? After all, the majority of homeowners are not usually experienced when it comes to diagnosing a problem like this, so how can you be sure you are not being ripped off?
There are a few warning signs to look out for to determine whether a company is trying to con you out of your hard-earned money. For example, sometimes they will greatly exaggerate the dangers that termites pose and tell you that it will cost you a lot of money to treat the problem. If you are worried this is happening to you, the best thing to do is get another opinion. You can do this by comparing their price and service with other companies in the area. When you do hire someone to do the work, be sure to have a written contract detailing the length of time the work is guaranteed for.
Another thing you should do when you are told you have a termite problem in your home is to see the evidence for yourself. Ask to be shown where the problem is. Signs that your home has termites are hollowed out wood along the grain and galleries that are lined with soil or mud. If the evidence you are shown is in a woodpile or fence not connected to your house, then don’t worry yourself unduly as the danger this poses to your home is not immediate.
Be wary of any companies that approach you. If you are told you can have a free termite inspection, proceed with caution. This type of company is very likely to find a problem that does not actually exist or greatly overstate one that does.
These few suggestions should help you to find the right, honest company and weed out those who are not so honest.