Every year many injuries result from furniture tipping over. Many of these instances are children. While more and more safety standards are being put into practice each year by furniture companies, they will still be dangerous if furniture is not used in accordance with these standards in the home. How do parents prevent household items from becoming a tipping hazard?

Ensure furniture is stabilized by attaching items like dressers and shelving units to walls using L brackets or straps.

Look for sturdy, solid items which have a wider base when shopping for furniture. Store heavier items in lower drawers to stop a dresser from becoming top heavy. Keep this in mind when it comes to shelving as well, any heavy items should be kept on lower shelves.

Televisions can easily tip over so make sure to position them as far back as you can on a unit, or if possible, keep them on a low stand.

Children will reach for objects they want such as candy, toys or the remote etc. Keeping them out of reach is a good idea, but keep them out of sight as well. In this way a child won’t be trying to climb a shelf to reach for the desired item.

Loosely hanging electrical cords are a big injury risk for small children. Keep them out of their reach.

From this brief review, we can see there are a number of measures we can take to prevent tipping hazards. Proper child supervision, as we are well aware though, is one of the most efficient ways to prevent nasty household injuries.

If you are concerned about tipping hazards in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more advice.