​Fixing up an older home can be a very rewarding experience and, when done right, can combine the old charm of the building with modern convenience.  However, a project like this can also bring a number of issues that you would have to deal with.  Are you prepared for this?  To help you with that answer, here are a few of the possible issues you will encounter with an older property:
Advancements in technology have helped us learn more about the hazards associated with many construction materials that were used years ago.  Depending on the age of the home, you will likely encounter at least some of them.   One very common problem is that of lead paint.  When lead paint starts to deteriorate, it becomes chipped or turns to dust.  This will be particularly dangerous to young children in the home who are more likely to ingest it.
Aluminum wiring was commonly used in houses during the 1960s and 70s, instead of copper wiring.  Aluminum wiring, over time, was found to be defective.  If your home has aluminum wiring, you may need to replace it.
Asbestos is a name we’ve come to associate with severe health risks.  Homes constructed in the 1930s to 50s generally have asbestos insulation, which would need to be removed by a professional.
Another danger to health that can be found in the home is radon.  A test would need to be carried out in the home to check if it has high levels of radon or not, as it cannot be detected by smell or sight.
Its good to keep in mind that many of these issues will require an expert to professionally and safely remove them, this will cost extra so, before taking on an older property, make sure you budget for this.