​Driveways tend to be one of the most forgotten maintenance items. But driveways are very expensive to repair, and well worth maintaining. With winter almost fully upon us, it is even more important to care for them. Here are a few suggestions from your Vail CO home inspector!

  1. When winter seasons generates snow and ice, eliminate it right away and prevent gouging your pavement while cutting away at the ice. Use a good snow shovel, and only use the ice scraper when necessary.
  2. When you have an asphalt driveway, remove gasoline, oil, and other similar substances right away with the help of soapy water.
  3. Don’t burn anything on your driveway or use a grill. People have been observed even using a torch to clear ice and snow.
  4. ​For you to prevent holes in the driveway, do not rest trailer hitches, bicycle stands, or patio furniture stands on it.
  5. You can use sand or kitty litter for traction on difficult patches of ice. Freezing and thawing agents using chemicals and salts could damage asphalt, mortar, brick and concrete. Salt will kill trees, shrubs, and grass and can wreak havoc on some leather-soled shoes.