​Automatic garage doors are not only one of the heaviest doors of the home, but they are also responsible for many of the injuries that take place within the household each year. It is clear to see the importance, then, for automatic garage doors to be regularly maintained and checked for safety. While a professional should be called to come and fix these doors when there is a major problem, is there anything that the homeowner can do to keep them safe and well maintained?
Yes. A homeowner can keep an eye out for potential hazards that are associated with automatic garage doors. For example, because they usually work by using a spring supported mechanism that is operated by a wall-mounted switch or a remote-controlled device, there are many moving parts that can easily malfunction or begin to wear out, so It would be a good idea for a homeowner to do a thorough check of the garage door as well as its framework to see if they detect any signs of wear and tear.
Another extremely important safety step is to educate any children in the household about the dangers of playing around with the automatic garage door. They need to be aware that it is not safe to walk under the door when it is in motion or play with any pulleys and strings attached to it. The homeowner should also ensure that all safety warning labels associated with the door are clearly visible and that everyone living in the home knows where the manual release handle is located as well as how to operate it.
In summary, although a professional should be called to fix a broken automatic garage door, the homeowner can check it for signs of wear and tear and educate the household about the potential dangers.