​We are all spending a lot more time at home at the moment and this can mean added strain on our household appliances.  If your home has a grinder pump, you will be aware of the need to keep it in good working order.  So, what are some basic ways to keep a grinder pump well maintained?
A home may need a grinder pump when its plumbing system is below, or sometimes at the same level, as the public sewer line or septic tank, this would mean that waste will not flow through the system quickly enough.  You would find this the case in homes with basement bathrooms for example.  The grinder pump is designed to help push the waste quickly through the system, it does this by grinding up waste matter into a slurry and pumping it through the sewer system.
To keep a grinder pump working properly there are some things that should never be placed into a toilet or sink.  Some of these items include feminine hygiene products, diapers, plastics, cat litter, aquarium gravel, toxic chemicals, and grease, which will accumulate in the tank.
It is not advisable to connect a grinder pump to a sump pump.  This can cause the pump to overwork and also use unnecessary amounts of electricity.
Another reminder to be aware of with grinder pumps is that they need electricity to work so if you experience a power outage, try to use as little water as you can to prevent the tank from overfilling.
Lastly, if you are away from the home for a time, it’s a good idea to prepare the tank by running water long enough to activate the pump which will flush the tank with clean water and stop nasty odors.