​Light plays a key role in making a space feel warm and inviting. If you are looking to brighten up a dark area of the home you will, no doubt, use some type of electrical lighting to do the job, but what about using natural light instead? Let’s look at some ways natural light can be effectively used to illuminate dark areas of a home. 
Skylights are perhaps one of the most popular ways to incorporate natural light into a dark space. These can be very effective but, if you decide to install them, be sure to use double-paned windows and have the flashing done professionally.
Another effective daylighting option to consider if you are having a home constructed or renovated is to use clerestory windows. These are short, wide windows that are placed high on the wall. They add light and heat from sunlight during the winter months but, due to the roof overhang, do not allow too much sun during the summer months.
Light tubes are yet another daylighting option. These tubes are coated with a highly reflective material that helps the sunlight to channel through them. A lens is also fitted which is designed to amplify low-level light but also lower the sun’s intensity at midday. When daylight enters the interior space through light tubes, it does so through a diffuser that evenly distributes that light.
We can see how using natural light can be a very effective and energy-saving way to brighten up darker spaces of a home. If you are having your home renovated or built, why not think about incorporating some of these methods in its design.