​Moving house can be a very stressful time in our lives so we may be forgiven for not making environmental consciousness a top priority on moving day. But, what are some ways we can prepare ahead of time so that we not only reduce the stresses associated with moving but do so with low environmental impact?
One way to do it is by taking the time to sort through your belongings and simplifying. Start by sorting items into piles, one pile could be for things you want to keep, one pile can be to sell at a yard sale and another pile can be items you wish to donate. Starting this process well ahead of moving day will enable you to take the time to recycle things you no longer wish to keep instead of quickly throwing them into the trash on a hectic moving day.  Another plus side to this is that you will only take belongings you want to your new home and unpacking will be easier.
There are numerous items we use in our daily life that, if disposed of in the wrong way, could negatively impact our environment. Among those items are paint cans, various chemicals, electronic equipment, used batteries, and light bulbs. Again, by sorting through these items ahead of time you will be able to dispose of them in the correct manner. If you do not know the best way to dispose of them contact your local environmental agency who can give you advice on where to take them.
Yes, being environmentally aware is something we all want to think about, even during stressful times such as moving house.