When you think about all of the damage forest fires can cause, you immediately think of the safety of your family and yourself. You may also think of the damage to your home. While considering what kind of damage, you’re likely assuming the greater part of the harm is caused by the flames and smoke, yet something should be said about the other types of damage caused.

Here are the four types of damage that can be caused by fire:

Immediately you would think of the damage caused by the actual flames of the fire, which would be correct. But flames do more than just destroy things, they can also leave behind caustic materials and damage that’s not even visible to the naked eye. 

Another obvious result of a fire is the smoke damage. Concerns surrounding smoke damage are the physical and visible damage caused to walls and other parts of the house, but another concern would be ensuring that the smoke damage doesn’t cause any respiratory problems down the road. 

When the much-needed help from the firefighters comes to put out the fire in your home, there is a huge sense of relief. However, this help comes at a cost. Firefighters obviously leave a lot of water in the house and this can quickly damage your house in many ways.  If not dealt with immediately, the water damage will lead to mold damage.

In these difficult times, it’s important to be prepared for what can come to us in order to avoid it.