Perhaps you’ve started thinking about doing some home maintenance. It is good to take care of small jobs around your property as this is often the key to preventing the need for major repairs down the line.

One of the smaller tasks you can do is to regularly check and clean your bathroom extraction fan. While it doesn’t seem to be such an essential part of the home, many problems can arise if it is not working correctly. A bathroom fan is designed to extract moisture from the room which is very important when we consider that the bathroom is one of the most humid and moist rooms of the house.

For a bathroom extraction fan to function properly it needs to be attached to ductwork which reaches all the way to the home’s exterior. One problem that some properties have is that, instead of going outside of the home, the ductwork vents into the attic space. While you may not see a huge problem with this in your bathroom, it can create big problems for the attic by damaging materials and causing mold to grow.

If you notice that the bathroom fan is not working correctly it may be because it is clogged with dirt and dust. To prevent this, give it a good cleaning once a month. A fan that is not working as it can lead to moisture issues in the bathroom such as corroding metal fixtures, peeling or bubbling paint and excessive moisture on the bathroom’s ceiling and tile. So, it is clear to see how regular maintenance of even the smaller items in the home can lead to big savings later on.