​It never fails, I could perform 100’s of 1,000’s of home inspections, and eventually (and regularly) I will find a pointed screw in an electric panel. That is bad news, as those screws are supposed to be machine screws for very important safety reasons.

It seems like such a simple thing though. Your electric panel needs a screw and you have a screw. You put the screw in and yu are all set – panel cover fixed. But unfortunately that is not how it works. Putting a screw with a point on it into and electric panel is very dangerous.

First of all, it is very obvious that it can puncture a wire. Then, on top of that, they are usually longer than the typical panel screw and can reach wires farther back in the panel.

So if you have an electric panel cover without the proper panel screws, then be sure to have them replaced with the proper machined screws.