If you have hardwood floors in your home, you are probably happy about the classic look that they bring to your home. One of the worst nightmares for someone that cares about their floors is seeing something sharp make a deep scratch or gouge in the wood. This can happen so quickly and easily. Maybe someone wears their shoes indoors scratches it with a rock that is stuck in their thread, or maybe someone pushes a heavy piece of furniture across the floor. No matter what the cause, it might seem like a difficult thing to fix, but there is a way in which you might be able to restore the floor yourself.

First, you need to either use sandpaper or steel wool to smooth out the area around the scratch. After that, you need to clean it well, and then you can use wood filler to get the scratch filled in. Sand a bit more to make the surface even after the filler has set completely, and then you can finish it with polyurethane to make your floors look like new again.