With summer already upon us no doubt we have already started thinking about the outdoor fun we’ll be having. One warm-weather essential is grilling and barbecuing. We wanted to mention a few tips to make sure your outdoor grilling will be safe and without incident.

  • It’s especially important to be vigilant at the beginning of the barbecue season since this is the most dangerous time to be starting up a propane grill. When a propane grill sits for a long period of time it’s important to check all of the connections and see if there are any leaks or rusted areas that could deteriorate and corrode certain parts to the grill.
  • One way to check the connections is by turning the gas on and spraying a soapy solution on the connection points to see if bubble form from any gas that might be escaping.
  • If you have a charcoal grill the risk of inhaling carbon monoxide (CO) is very possible. It is estimated that at least twenty people die annually by accidentally inhaling CO.
  • Make sure to be careful where the grill is placed and make sure it’s placed outside.

Risks also exist with electric grills. Basically, we just want to make sure everyone is safe while you’re enjoying that irresistible BBQ!