We all love a beautiful sunny day, and our homes always look so warm and comforting with the sun shining on it. But that sunshine is a double-edged sword. Sunlight is both a good thing, and something that is very damaging as well.

UV rays are very harsh on a house. The key areas that are affected by the sun’s rays are the roof and siding. The roof has a layer of protection against sun damage in the granules. The granules on your roof act as part of its “sunscreen”. The issue is that the granules wear away over time. As this happens, your roof will be more prone to sun damage.

Siding is another area of your home that is affected by the sun. If you have vinyl siding, the color in the siding is slowly worn away day by day. This is especially true for vinyl siding that is darker in color. Another issue that can occur is with low-e windows. These types of windows are common on many homes nowadays, and are very energy efficient. The issue is that they reflect a great deal of the suns rays, and even concentrates them. So many times melted siding on the side of a home can appear seemingly randomly, but it is often just damage from the sun’s rays reflecting off of the windows andgoing at an angle.