​We are often told about the importance of regularly checking the batteries on our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, after all, these small devices could save our lives in a fire.  With that in mind, lets look at some other important factors to think about with smoke detectors.
A substantial number of people (roughly 3,000) die in the United States every year from residential fires.  Most of these deaths could’ve been prevented if smoke detectors had been installed or if the existing ones were working properly.
So, what are some important things to consider when it comes to smoke detectors?  Smoke detectors should be fitted on each floor of the home that is occupied by the household, this even includes basements and garages, which is where many flammable materials are stored.  We are most at risk from being harmed in a fire when we are sleeping so its good to have an alarm in each bedroom or at least close to a bedroom where it will be easily heard.  Ideally smoke detectors should be fitted on a ceiling or wall and when installing them in a basement, attach them to the ceiling by the basement stairs.
It can be very tempting to disconnect a smoke detector that is going off when you don’t want it to e.g. when you are cooking, but never do this.  It is far too easy to forget to connect it up again.
Educating the family on what to do in case of a fire is a good way of ensuring the families safety.  Once in a while, at night, test the smoke alarms to see if it is effective at waking up the household, particularly any children in the house.  The smoke alarms warning sound should be easily distinguishable from any other sound that is heard in the house.  A final reminder is to test your smoke detectors every month and make sure they are all working well.