​At this time of year, there’s nothing like coming home to a warm and cozy fire. Not all homes have traditional fireplaces, so a very popular option is the factory-built fireplace.  What is a factory-built fireplace and how easy is it to install and maintain?
As the name might suggest a factory-built fireplace is a fireplace that is made in a facility that can then stored until its ready to be installed in a home later on. While many of these types of fireplace are used in new construction, it is not a requirement and can be used in most homes. This type of pre-manufactured fireplace is made up of a firebox that is enclosed in a steel cabinet with a steel chimney or flue attached.
Factory-built fireplaces are a good option as they are lightweight, not overly expensive and are safe and efficient to use. This means that they can be installed easily on any floor of the home you choose. Another advantage of this kind of fireplace is that they have very small safe-clearance requirements and can be installed close to wood framing. The level of clearance, however, will depend on the manufacturer so it’s important to check that before installation.
Although factory-built fireplaces have an excellent safety record, it’s important to take the appropriate fire-safety precautions, just as you would a traditional fireplace. This would include a monthly inspection of the chimney during the cold season to ensure creosote has not started to accumulate.