Buying a home can sometimes feel rather overwhelming. Once you have finally found your home, you then need to deal with all those extra fees you incur, which are referred to as closing costs. These costs can really add up, so here are just a few things you can expect to pay for

  • It is important for the buyer to find out if the seller legally owns the property, so a title search is done to make sure of this. It is also wise to purchase title insurance, which will protect the buyer from any mistakes made when performing the title search.

  • Lenders require some kind of guarantee that the property will be worth the money lent, so an appraisal by a licensed professional will need to be carried out.

  • A home inspection should also be performed by a certified home inspector, who will check for any potential problems with the home, and check that the home is structurally sound.

These are only a few of the closing costs that may be involved when purchasing your home. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information and to schedule your home inspection.