​Tumble dryers are an essential appliance in many homes today and, like all appliances, care must be taken to ensure they are well maintained. One of the most important parts of the dryer in terms of safety is the dryer vent, here’s why:
Most of us are familiar with the way a dryer works, wet clothes are gently spun inside the drum. As this happens hot air is blown through them causing the water to evaporate. The airborne water vapor from the clothes then escapes from the dryer through the dryer vent. What are some important factors to consider when it comes to the dryer’s vent?
It may seem like an obvious statement but it’s very important to check that the vent is actually connected to the dryer. If the dryer vent becomes disconnected for any reason, it may be difficult to notice because vents normally connect behind or under the dryer. The dryer vent is usually made with a bendable plastic or metal duct. Its flexibility is good for dryers kept in tight spaces, but this also makes it easy to crush or kink which can restrict airflow. This is a problem because a dryer can overheat if not properly vented. You would also see an accumulation of lint in the dryer which is highly flammable if it becomes trapped in the machine.  All of this can lead to the dryer bursting into flames.
So, from this very brief consideration, it’s clear to see the importance of regularly checking the dryer vent to make sure it is connected and working the way it should.