​The majority of us would say that we enjoy nature and observing wildlife. However, when wildlife starts to encroach on our property, it can become less enjoyable and more of a problem. Many homeowners spend a lot of time and effort to make their yard look beautiful, only to then have an animal or rodent come in and destroy it. This may force a person to look for ways to deter wildlife from their property. Let’s consider a few methods that do not require the use of chemical deterrents.
The first step you will need to take is to identify the animal or rodent that is causing the damage. While you may have many critters visit, it doesn’t mean they are all causing a problem. By identifying the animal, you can then find out the best way to discourage it from your yard. Animals and rodents will be generally become attracted to your property because there is a food source. It may even be a type of shrub or plant. Eliminating the food source will make your property less appealing to the creature.
Placing a barrier that is designed for keeping out wildlife is another non-chemical approach you can try. There are different types of barrier deterrents, for example, it may even be something visual or a sound that the creature is afraid of.
If you have tried these methods and you still have the problem visitor, what can you do? You may want to attempt to catch the offending animal and relocate it. If you decide on this option though, make sure to consult first with your local wildlife management office or animal control center who will be able to offer the best advice on what to do.