​Have you ever thought about whether your home would be an easy target for a thief? It’s a good idea to consider this question because there are many things you can do to your home to make it much less appealing to someone wishing to break in. Here are a few of the ways to do it:
A burglar will look for a home that appears easy to break into and one that can be entered without being seen by neighbors or onlookers. Do you have trees and shrubs planted around the windows and doors of your home? These will provide the ideal place for someone to hide while breaking in so you may want to reconsider your properties landscaping. You may also decide to place fencing around your property and, while this is a good option, just make sure it does not offer extra places to hide from view.
Are your windows and doors in good condition? They should be good quality, have a solid construction, and be well maintained. All exterior doors should be fitted with deadbolt locks. If you are looking to increase security on your windows, you may want to consider installing window bars or heavy-duty wire screens.  Just remember, though, that these can become dangerous in an emergency so the occupants of the home would need to have a way of exiting the home quickly and safely.
If there are sliding doors in your home, check that there are working locks on both the top and bottom of each door. As an extra measure, place a cut off broom handle or similar sized piece of wood inside the door tracks which will prevent it from opening.
Lighting is another effective security measure. Place motion sensor lighting on each side of your home that will turn on when they detect movement. You may also want to leave some lights on in the home when you are away.