Backflow in a water system can happen very easily and ensuring that it won’t happen to you, in your water lines is an important step to having safe water to drink and to use in your home. 

Backflow is a term referring to the backtracking of normal water, causing waste water to enter the lines meant for clean water. 

Backflow will occur in an improperly installed connection of pipes between a public source of potable water and a pipe with polluted or contaminated water.  Backflow can occur in pipes in different ways, such as when the use of water exceeds the amount of water that is supplied, or when something causes the water flow to reverse due to the creation of a vacuum for one reason or another.  There be various causes, such as when there is a break in a water main, when firefighters are using a water source, or maybe some pipes are being repaired or flushed.

Obviously, the causes of backflow are unavoidable and can’t be controlled, but can easily be prevented, and that’s why it’s so important to have a backflow preventer installed when necessary.

For tips to find out if one needs to be installed or inspected, and that it’s the right type, don’t hesitate to contact us.