​While you might feel like there will always be water available to you whenever you turn on the tap, this might not be as much of a guarantee as you think. There are those that predict that water supply might be a big problem for mankind in the future as pollution and other issues start having an effect on freshwater sources.

If this is the case, practicing water conservation now could help you be better prepared for the future.

The amount of water being used in your home is greatly affected by how old your bathroom fixtures are. For example, older toilets can use as much as 5 times the amount of water that a modern toilet does, and still not be as effective.

Replacing old toilets and installing aerators on your faucets can make a huge difference in your water consumption. If you also get into the good habit of not leaving the water running unnecessarily when showering or using the faucet, you will notice a significant drop in your water usage.