​Pests in the home present a big challenge.  In many homes and apartments, cockroaches are a huge problem.  These are a very resilient pest that can live on little food, produce alarming amounts of offspring and can even live submerged in water for periods of up to 30 minutes.  If this isn’t bad enough, cockroaches are known to spread diseases like dysentery and salmonella and cause asthma and other allergies.  So, lets look at some ways to prevent cockroaches from establishing themselves in our homes.
Make sure the homes environment is not appealing to cockroaches.  They thrive in dirty, greasy places that contain a lot of moisture.  The kitchen often provides this perfect environment.  Regularly give the kitchen a thorough clean.  This should include behind and underneath appliances, even the larger ones like the refrigerator and dishwasher.  Clean kitchen cabinets and under the sink and try to keep the sink as clean and dry as you can.  Keep a tight lid on the trash can and keep food in sealed containers.  If possible, don’t leave out pet food.  Cockroaches also shy away from light so you might want to consider leaving a light on at night.
Its not just the kitchen that attracts cockroaches.  You can also find them in crawlspaces and bathrooms as well as other places throughout the home.  Keep these areas clean and dry.  Fix leaking pipes and dripping taps right away and, if you notice possible points of entry, seal them up.
Sometimes a cockroach infestation is too bad to tackle on your own and you will need to call in a professional pest control company to treat the issue effectively.  Afterwards, however, boric acid placed in areas where cockroaches were previously active, will help control the situation.